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What people are saying about DK Realty Partners...

...They (clients) were interested in what I told them, but had the usual reaction that an auction means distress sale. You may wonder why I think you could do better for them than I can. It’s because they want more money than the market will bear (in my humble opinion.) Since you got more for Abingdon than I judged the market would bear. I thought this house could help prove my judgment one way or another.

Martha Egan

Bradbury Romey Egan Real Estate Partners

Winnetka, Illinois

I wanted you to know that I could not have been more pleased with the professionalism that you and your staff displayed in carrying off the auction Of over 450 residential properties scattered all over Texas for First City Bank. I appreciated the way in which you interacted with our staff to accomplish a truly monumental task.

My greatest concern was the amount of response and qualified buyers that would come to the six different auctions that we conducted in a 10 day period. As you are aware, Texas has been considered a ‘buyer’s market” for the past several years; however, my concerns were quickly changed and I became a believer when I saw the large ballrooms overflow their capacity with buyers that came to bid on the properties.

While we were certainly pleased with the bottom line which your firm generated, we also were very pleased that your firm went out of its way to generate a positive image for the bank through its effective use of public relations. I am sure that it will please you to know that many people came up to me during and after the auction to compliment us on the fine manner in which our sale was conducted, our only regret in retrospect was not conducting this auction sooner. It would have saved a lot of carrying costs.

Bill Gordon

Director of ORE Marketing

Bonnet Resources Corporation

Now that the Pendleton Estate auction sale of 151 Abingdon, Kenilworth, Illinois is completed, I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for, not only your professionalism in handling this sale, but also for your persistence and marketing creativity that led to such remarkable results.

Frankly, we were pleasantly surprised that we did so well. To reflect that we had over 700 people tour the home during open houses, 14 registered bidders with cashiers’ checks and a final high bid of $816,000 (well in excess of our appraised value) is a factor that will make future decisions on the use of the auction method of sale to sell estate properties an easier one.

It is indeed a source of great pride for our trust department to have participated in this decorous and highly successful auction. Of equal importance to absolutely maximizing the value to our customers (the estate), we particularly were pleased to have had several of those present at The Winnetka Community House come up to both myself and Ed Fleming, after the bidding was concluded, to congratulate us on not only the outcome but on the dignified manner in which the sale was conducted. This is testimony to your presence as our auctioneer, and a very nice reflection on La Salle.

William Vonder Heide

Vice President & Trust Counsel

La Salle National Trust, N. A.

I am delighted that your efforts in Texas have been so rewarding. I hope you will continue to be helpful to these Texas institutions that so desperately need to dispose of assets.

John B. Connally

Former U. S. Secretary of the Treasury

Going, Going: Hunting for bargains, more than 1,600 potential home buyers considered bidding for 49 Phoenix-area houses last weekend at the Resolution Trust Corp.’s first major residential auction. The S&L cleanup agency hired a flamboyant Chicago auctioneer, David Kaufman, to get the best prices.

Newsweek Magazine

…we disposed of four significant pieces of real estate. I was very pleased with the auction in not only the prices obtain(ed) but also the manner in which it was conducted.

Richard P. Singler

Vice President

Trust Department

J.P. Morgan/Chase/fka First National Bank of Chicago

David Kaufman and Co. has sold real estate for us at auction, and we were very satisfied with the results. He completed the transactions in a professional and businesslike manner.

Lawrence Goodman


Goodman Group, Inc.

John Pickford of the First National Bank just advised me that the real estate auction of the Krom properties was a major success. I am writing to congratulate you on a job well done and to extend the thanks of the entire Jewish community which is the ultimate beneficiary of a large portion of this estate.

In retrospect, I am amazed with the wonderful job you and your people did in marketing this auction. On a daily basis, I would come into my office and discover another article in one of the major local papers and I was most surprised to hear the auction mentioned on the radio during a recent drive home.

Again we congratulate you on a job well done and your efforts in our behalf.

David S. Rosen

Director of Endowments

Jewish Federation/Jewish United Fund

The enclosed check concludes our business on the above auction but certainly not our future association and (I hope) dealings.

Your handling of our job was most professional and efficient. From a seller’s standpoint, the marketing of over 10½ million dollars worth of this type real estate (apartment buildings) could not have been more trouble free. “I am a believer”.

Good luck, and keep up the good work.

Thomas P. Barnicle

It was a pleasure for me to attend the HUD Region 8 auction in Salt Lake last month, Clearly a large number of Utahans were excited at the prospect of obtaining housing or an investment at competitive prices.

Your crew is to be complimented for keeping the atmosphere light but thoroughly professional. Everyone realized this was serious, happy business.

The local H.U.D. office had prepared well so they could make rapid decisions as to whether or not to accept a bid. Clearly you had worked with them to speed and smooth the whole process.

In short, you are to be congratulated for conducting such a quality auction in our city. Both buyers and sellers were well pleased with the results

Alice Shearer

Deputy Director

State of Utah

Department of Community

& Economic Development

I was very impressed with the job you and your associates did at the Gateway (Condominiums) auction last month.

I was frankly surprised at the prices obtained for all 94 units, especially in the light of the stock market crash just three weeks earlier. All of my associates in FAA were equally impressed with the professionalism and skill demonstrated by your whole team. You have made me a believer in the auction method of selling real estate.

Please feel free to use me as a reference in your discussions with other clients.

David Van Singel


I want to take this opportunity now that we have sold and closed the 11 story office building and adjacent 25,000 square foot warehouse building in Springfield, Ohio to express our relief for closing those transactions. The basis of that relief was the ability to close the transactions this year which eliminated a major financial drain from the continued ownership and operation of these buildings.

Often times it is easy to lose sight of how much hard work and creativeness is necessary in order to effectuate a sale in a difficult market, in difficult times and under difficult circumstances. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to have found a buyer for cash who was quickly able to close.

I wish to thank you and your highly qualified and dedicated group of professionals for the constant attention and hard work that enabled this assignment to be successfully concluded.

We look forward to working with you in the future should our situation require the disposal of other property.

Irwin A. Gross, Counsel

AON Corporation

The Credit Life Insurance Company

This was a challenging one with a great outcome! It was a pleasure to work with you and your firm.

Thanks again,

Deidre Santana

Real Estate Asset Manager

JP Morgan Chase Bank

Specialty Assets

I did spend some time preparing for the auction but I'm glad I went. It showed me there are still real buyers out there who still pay prices that don't make sense. You did a great job selling a tough property fast for a great price. I enjoyed the show you put on.

Jerry Ettinger, President

Hallmark & Johnson Properties, Ltd

Thanks for putting on the auction yesterday. I thought the bid would top out at $1.1 mil so you guys did excellent...

Chris Fitzgerald

Brian Properties

This letter is to let you know what a pleasure it was working with you on the consummation of the sale for 101st and Harlem.  Your professionalism and your ability to deal with all the last minute issues that came up definitely helped in getting this sale closed.

Again, thank you for all of your assitance and cooperation.


Janice Billings

Asset Manager

Columbia Savings

It's only August and I can't believe we're finished!  I never expected to sell all five office buildings in a six month period-especially in this environment.

I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and outstanding negotiations with the buyers.  I always knew that delegating this job to the brokers was what was best, but you went beyond my expectations on Phase II when you negotiated the price up even further than the bank expected.  I was pleased we decided to handle the disposition of these properties through the sealed bid process.  I was able to allocate the cost to market the first two over the five buildings since the interest generated by the first two sales got the other three sold.

Again, I applaud you and your outstanding talent in marketing and negotiating the sales for us.  Anyone can put together a flashy brochure, only a few people can sit in a room for five hours negotiation up the price on an office building in this market.  Congratulations and thanks.  You certainly earned your fees!


Julie L. Ryder

Vice President

Boulevard Bank

Thank you again for all of your help in closing the ten Med Tech properties last quarter.  Your tenacity and professionalism really paid off.  You really know the Chicago commercial real estate market and I appreciate all of your efforts.

Martin Millane

Vice President/Marketing

Owned Real Estate Division

RECOLL Management Corporation

In the wake of our recent transaction, we would like to commend you for your efforts. We refer to the sale, and more importantly the sales price, of the Duvan Drive property.

This office does not particularly enjoy dealing with distressed properties.  When the situation does occur, our losses both in terms of time and money can be substantial.

In a very short time, through the sale of the property, you and your associates reduced our potential loss in Tinley Park by over 50%.  Your knowledge of the marketplace and professionalism cannot be questioned.

Again, we thank you for your assistance and look forward to dealing with you in the future.

Thomas Karbowski

Property Manager

The Travelers Companies

Within 45 days of the listing date, five prospective purchasers submitted offers. 

Through your aggressive and professional marketing effort our Trust realized a sale at the listed price of $2,400.000.00

Howard M. Preis

Investment Officer

First Chicago

I recently had the pleasure of working with Mr. Ari Aberman and Mr. Paul Demik, both of DK Realty, in a commercial real estate transaction

Mr. Aberman and Mr. Demik listed the property and sold it in a very timely manner. During the course of the transaction, they kept in frequent contact with my office and were very diligent about overseeing details, timelines, etc.

Mr. Aberman and Mr. Demik were the epitome of efficiency and professionalism, and I would highly recommend them for all of your real estate needs.

John M. Ford
Mill Creek Development, Inc.

I personally wanted to thank you for your outstanding work and dedication to our purchase of 370 Corporate Woods in Vernon Hills. You and your team have gone above and beyond my expectations not once, but three times: leasing our current building 1342 Barclay Boulevard in Buffalo Grove and broker selling our former building 1500 Busch Parkway in Buffalo Grove. I especially appreciate how you facilitated our transition as landlords to the current tenant, 10 Lighting, in the purchased property. Actually, I doubt we would have accomplished this last purchase in Vernon Hills if it weren't for you leading my way through the "maze" of our various options.

Thank you Paul and DK Realty, outstanding job!

John Gannon
Okamoto Corporation




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